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10th Edition  European Cinema Comes To School 2014-2015


The first principle of the European Union is Respect for Difference.

John Hume (Nobel Peace Prize 1998)



The European Community is forever undergoing a continuous and exciting cultural, political, economic and social redefinition. No culture grows in isolation: each community, each generation, each discipline requires the contingence of other generations, other disciplines and other viewpoints; from this confluence of cultures rises the wealth of each and the possibility of communication and cooperation.


The goal of this project is to use European cinema as a tool for bringing together the different cultures, ethnicities and ways of life of the Europeans from an interdisciplinary, artistic, historic and humanistic viewpoint.


European Cinema Comes To School, is aimed primarily at teachers and students as a didactic utility in the classroom and a medium for promoting the development of critical thought in the student. (Media Literacy).


In order to celebrate the 10th edition of the project, Mucho(+)que cine joins with the Cineteca-Matadero Madrid and EUNIC Spain (Association of European Institutes in Spain) for the production of European Cinema goes to school-2014-2015. 


Our young students shall attend the viewings/projections in the Cineteca-Matadero in Madrid and, with the guidance of experts in audiovisual arts and the themes touched on in the films, they shall participate in the debates/round tables on diverse issues: from current society and the problematics of our youth, to historic memory, our cultural roots and European diversity, as well as using culture as a tool for social integration.


A sample of current European cinema from  Czechoslovakia, England, Finland, France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Rumania and Spain.



“The great difference between European cinema and that of Hollywood, is that European movies are first and foremost films about people, whereas the American productions are mainly about situations”


                                                                                                   François Truffaut




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