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27 November

Czech Centre


Kolya                                           Jan Sverák                                1996



“Kolya”, a 1996 film by Jan Sverák, is one of the most renowned works produced in the Czech Republic since the transition to democracy in 1989, and indeed, the only work to have achieved an Oscar since that time, as best foreign language film. The film, despite its amiable tone, is nonetheless a portrait of the crude reality of the last days of the totalitarian regime that had prevailed in Czechoslovakia.



11 December

Instituto Cervantes

Film about kids and music. Sant Andreu Jazz Band     Ramón Tort    2012


The documentary A film about kids and music. Sant Andreu Jazz Band is about a jazz orchestra, made up of young people between the ages of 6 and 18. We are given an insight into how powerfully these young musicians are affected by music.





29 January

Polish Institute of Culture

Papusza                              Joanna Kos and Krzysztof Krauze                     2013



The film tells the story of Papusza and the odyssey of the Polish gypsies (cyganie) in the 20th century, driven toward an uncertain destiny: from cohabitation in Polish towns, where Papusza learns to read and write, to the war, in which thousands of gypsies are murdered, to the settlements in the cities, imposed by the recently established communist regime. The suffering of the gypsy people, nostalgia for a lost world and its beauty, all find a voice in Papusza and her poems. That very truth and nostalgia emanates from the film itself.




12 Febrero

British Council


Submarine                               Richard Ayoade                       2010


The first work of the British director Richard Ayoade tells the tale of the young Oliver Tate and his sentimental relationships. A very poetic film about the loneliness of adolescence.



26 Febrero

Instituto Cultural Rumano

Romanian Cultural Institute


Como celebré el fin del mundo

(How I Celebrated the End of the World)     Catalín Mitulescu               2009


This is the first work of the well known director  Cătălin Mitulescu, one of so-called “new age” generation of Romanian film-makers. It is the story of a group of adolescents in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, in 1989, the last year of Nicolae Ceaușescu’s dictatorship.



26 Marzo

Goethe Institut


Parque Trizado       (Shredded Park)      Bettina Blümner                  2013

Shredded Park, by the director Bettina Blümner tells the hope-filled story of a daydreaming adolescent girl who overcomes her dysfunctional family and troubled neighbourhood.


23 Abril

Instituto  Iberoamericano  de Finlandia

Ibero-American Institute of Finland


The Stuff                                  Petri Luukkaine                                   2013


This film speaks of the superficiality and emptiness of the consumer society. Petri, the protagonist, feeling that she is leading an empty life in an apartment full of things, tries to find out what it is that she is really missing.



14 Mayo

Embajada de Lituania

Embassy of Lithuania


La excursionista                   Audrius Juzènas                          2013


Based on real events in the 40s and 50s, this film tells the story of an 11-year-old girl who manages to escape from a train transporting her family and other Lithuanian exiles to Siberia. It is the story of return to Lithuania, both hers and that of the different characters she meets along the way.




28 Mayo

Alianza francesa

Instituto francés

Alliance Français

French Institute



Le Havre                                           Aki Kaurismaki                            2011



Le Havre is a film full of hope, which tells the none-too-rosy reality of emigration in France. A film about the wealth of the cultural diversity of Europe, brought to us by a director of international prestige.









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